Global Landscape Study On Digitizing P2G Payments

First-ever study to comprehensively examine the opportunities and challenges associated with digitising person-to-government (P2G) payments, including mandatory payments (taxes, bill payments and fines), payments for government services (fees for passport, visa), as well as co-payments for social benefits (pensions).

Discovery Report

Prepared as part of Karandaaz Pakistan’s research on “Smartphone User Interface/Experience Design for Mobile Payments in Pakistan”, this report captures insights from digital service providers and users of these services.


Karandaaz Pakistan released a deck which provides an overview of the state of financial inclusion in Pakistan along with the mobile financial services industry, and points to specific opportunities which, if capitalized upon, could improve m-wallet uptake. Published for the first time in Pakistan, the deck brings together information from both national and international data sets and reports on financial inclusion and mobile money.

The mobile financial services sector originated in Pakistan in 2008, and continues to expand today. With 8 mobile money providers in operation, mobile money services are now available across the country in both urban and rural areas, with the agent network outnumbering traditional banking channels many times over. Today, mobile financial services are firmly established in Pakistan’s financial sector landscape, serving new market segments. Thus the potential of mobile money to advance Pakistan’s financial inclusion agenda is promising.

The deck along with supporting documentation is now available for download here. Over the next few weeks, Karandaaz Pakistan will be discussing some of the main insights to come out of this work on CGAP’s blog; stay tuned!

Agent Network Accelerator Survey Pakistan Country Report

Based on over 2,000 mobile money agent interviews, the report highlights findings on the mobile money agent landscape in Pakistan covering agent profitability, transaction volumes, liquidity management and other important strategic considerations.